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Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
community and we want to name this building after vera hale, who is here on stage. this building, once it's opened will be named the vera hale building. for over 20 years vera has been a tireless advocate around senior issues, around economic security issues. she has worked at curry senior center and i have a list of the boards and commissions she has served on. i will read them to you because it's a longer list i heard many in my life. advisory council to aging and adult services, the mayor's long-term care coordinating council, the san francisco interim support task force and coalition of agencies serve the elders, and i'm sure will there are a hundred other that vera sat on. the list of things that she has worked on goes on and on. to me vera symbolized what san francisco is about. her work and the community she fought so tirelessly for and on top of the dining hall, this corner will forever be st. anthony's dining hall, but the same piece that is mercy housing will be known as vera hale housing. [ applause ] so close. i have a long list. i'm on page 3 there is only seven more. [ laugh
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am PST
scheduled and cost revision toss cal vera's dam replacement project: mislabonte, if we could please connect the computer i have a presentation. before we begin, i would like to introduce you to dan wade who's here with me dan is the project for cal veras tonight and i feel fortunate to have him by my side through the challenges on the project so overt last six months, we have breed you multiple times on the discovery of an expecting geological condition on the prolong and we have also shared with you the magnitude of the cost and schedule impact of those deferring side conditions and what we are doing today is for the first time we are seeking your form rl approval on action needed to keep the prompt moving. >> that is one 17 million. >>> one of the four and specifically, we are proposing four separate commission action: first, we are seek your approval for the adoption of seeka find gd in the a den double dumb one project e i r and improve project modification associated with the disposal of additional material. we are also seek the approval of revision toss project schedule in budge
Feb 3, 2013 4:00am PST
to me vera symbolized what san francisco is about. her work and the community she fought so tirelessly for and on top of the dining hall, this corner will forever be st. anthony's dining hall, but the same piece that is mercy housing will be known as vera hale housing. [ applause ] so close. i have a long list. i'm on page 3 there is only seven more. [ laughter ] i'm kidding. i'm kidding. it does seem that way. i know. we want to thank our events sponsor, our general contractor. [ applause ] the hilton, citibank, banc of america, and barry will say more about them in a second. i'm sure i have forgotten something and i apologize in advance, but in the interest of time i will turn it over to barry. thank you. [ applause ] >> yes, to wrap this up here, two lendors on st. anthony's side, the low-income investment fund, nancy andrews is here and the bank of america elizabeth shooten, i believe is here and we want to thank them both. because st. anthony's helps the low-income housing fund get started back in the '90s, we were going to have nancy say just a word or two. nancy. [
Feb 27, 2013 11:35pm PST
vera aquí a benedicto xvi como papa . >> le habíamos cogido tanto aprecio. >> tiene que descansar ahora y tiene que tener un relevo. >> las tiendas de recuerdo esperan el billete verde. >> aquí habían miles de personas para ver por última vez a benedicto xvi. >> a partir de mañana roma se queda sin papa y aquí continúan las discusiones. >> las mujeres deberían ser sacerdotes >> creo que una mujer tiene derecho. >> no le gustaría? >> a mi no, porque si cristo quisiera eso habitante habría hecho sacerdote a su madre que tenía el gran don. >> mañana aunque cueste creerlo benedicto xvi ya no estará, la pregunta será, quién lo sucede. >> el anillo del papá no será destruido, será rajado para que nadie más lo ocure y mañana tenemos una amplisima cobertura. >> gracias y buenas noches . >> mucha expectativa sobre quién será el nuevo papa para los catoicos. >> un funcionario de aduana indico que deja su cargo y muchos creen que tiene que ver con la liberación de indocumentados. >> la renucnia de este funcionario en relación a la liberación de inmigrantes indocumentados ge
FOX News
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
"" it is the best time of the year to get deals. we will talk to personal finance expert vera gibbons. >>> a 6-year-old stealing her mom's car. she wasn't just going for a joy ride, she had a very specific destination. >> well dom back. it's 21 after the hour. take a look at this. a land shilide in oregon has a n in a stolen taxi. this man accused of car jacking the taxi at knife point. during the get away he crashes right into this land slide and then he's raised. a law america in illinois pushing for a $0.25 sneaker tax. hopes the tax will generate 3 million a year. the retail association says it will fight this plan. they say sneaker i say tennis shoes. >> both. depends on what i am wearing it for. if you need an excuse to spend which we never really do there's a new research out from shop it to february is the best month of the year to shop on-line. you can get 47 percent off items right now. with tips how to save is vera gibbons. >> we usually think president's weekend was the big one. >> you talk about an average markup 48 percent which mix aket bert. but february as a whole the best
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 2:00am PST
door? a lot of us are. vera gibbons is here to tell you how to avoid an audit. >> he's 4 feet 4 tall and look at him dribble. >> good morning to you. it is 22 minutes after the hour. so much for resting. hillary clinton is now set to cash in on the lecture circuit after she stepped down as secretary of state. she is being represented by an agency that helps politicians get 6 figure fees for their speeches. nice money if you can get it. clinton is eyeing another run for president in 2016. the tea heart is planning a big outreach to latino voters. the tea party the nation's largest tea party political action committee is putting a buck for the country. they had their own latino outreach plan last week. marco rubio and texas senator ted cruz are both tea party candidates. >> thank you, heather. the past season internal revenue service is going after the big taxes. how do you avoid an audit. we are going to ask vera gibb s gibbons. >> you say number one do not cheat. >> do not cheat. >> that is a good rule to follow. >> 12 percent of fierls admit to cheating. very bad idea. you have to
Comedy Central
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
the wall. i had to spray you with a heavy dose of pesticide. put some aloe vera gel on there, a little bit of vitamin d-- - what? he doesn't know that. he doesn't know that. - don't get a diagnosis from him now. - why--how would you know that? goddamn it. - dennis. dennis! mom's alive. she faked her own death to steal frank's money, and we think it's buried in her grave. - that dirty whore. everybody get a goddamn shovel! this is such a perfect place for that bitch to hide my money. - oh, psychic john talked about this. he said i was gonna come into a windfall of cash, and it's all in here. - yeah, and then we can use some of that cash to pay for the statue that our moms broke, charlie. - all right! [coughing] you guys ready? - crack it open, charlie. - charlie! charlie! - show me the money! - charlie! charlie! - show me the money! - [cheers] - ah, shit! oh, shit! [all screaming] - no! no! - mommy, mommy! - ah! i grifted ya! - [shuddering] - what are you talking about? - i paid off the psychic. i buried the money in the dog grave. - my mommy-- my mommy's a skeleton! [sobbing] - i grifted y
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
. >> this is the steinbeck family. kim was adopted. miles is vera's biological child. that allowed him to be adopted, but not his sister. now judges said that discrepancy violates the constitution. >> the fact that the civil partner is a homosexual is no reason for different rulings on adoption. couples in a long-term civil partnership can provide for a child's welfare just as well as a married couple. >> the judges went on to say that same-sex couples are just as able to protect and foster a child's upbringing as married heterosexual couples. germany's green party wants homosexual couples to have the same adoption rights as their heterosexual counterparts. >> today is a wonderful day for gay and lesbian people, the fifth victory of the constitutional court against the governing coalition's policy, and that is why it is time to say let's put an end to discrimination. >> shortly after the deliberations, the european court of human rights also ruled on the issue of gay adoption. it said austria's ban on homosexuals adopting their partners' children was discriminatory. in france, the netherlands, belgi
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
de chávez con sus hijas, pero las preguntas cambian, ahora la pregunta es cuándo se le vera públicamente en maratónicas sesiones en vivo. >>> fidel castro dio una carta a hugo chávez, donde sugiere que los problemas de salud de hugo chávez comenzaron mucho antes de hacerse públicos, la carta dice fue necesaria una espera y la congregtación de los médicos para poder obtener ese objetivo (información en pantalla) recuerde que en tenemos una sección especial del retorno de chávez a venezuela. >>> pasando a otras informaciones, ni los republicanos ni demócratas quieren que el presidente barack obama se lleve el crédito de la reforma migratoria, después de filtrarse un borrador de la propuesta. >>> mientras que legisladores de ela cámara de representantes trabajan en la propuesta de una reforma migratoria, luis gutiérrez reaccionó ante la carta que fue publicada por us today. >>> si el presidente barack obama viene mañana al congreso, y dice esta es mi propuesta, demando acción, ustedes saben qué pasará. >>> el legislador hizo un llamado al presiden
Feb 9, 2013 6:30pm PST
aprendÍ junto a ellos ♪. >>> unos 1200 >>> marÍa vera llegÓ a la feria de salud, we connect en fresno con una sola meta, averiguar si ella y su esposo califican para el programa estatal de asistencia mÉdica, medical, el rpog de california de medicaid, que bajo la reforma del presidente obama serÁ expandido. beneficiando a casi 2 millones de personas mÁs en el estado dorado >>> marÍa, quÉ significa para usted como familia que tal vez su esposo y usted califiquen para cobertura tambiÉn en medical. >>> es una alegrÍa grandisima y una gran oportunidad. que no tenemos que perder >>> para el doctor moreno que fue voluntario en la feria, el cambio mÁs relevante de obama care que cambia el sistema de salud hacia la prevenciÓn. >>>e s mÁs efectivo y barato para cuidar condiciones como condiciones del corazÓn, diabetes, obesidad, que tratarlos cuando ya la persona estÁ enfemra >>> para enero del 2014 todo ciudadano tiene que tener un seguro el que no pueda costearlo podrÁ recibir un subsidio y el perÍodo de inscripciÓn ppara solicitarlo comienza en octubre, en la feria decenas como g
Feb 27, 2013 6:00pm PST
papa asi despues de mas de 600 anos, el mundo catolico vera a un papa abdicar, agobiado por problemas de salud y en medio de escandalos sobre sacerdotes pederastas, encubrimiento y rumores sobre corrupcion en las mas altas jerarquias... el papa tambien dijo que su corazon continuara acompanando al mundo y le pidio a los feligreses que oraran por el...con esto me despido. topfs blanca ---recuerde que maÑana a partir de las 7:30 de la maÑana, su cadena telemundo tendra la mas completa cobertura desde el vaticano en la ceremonia de abdicacion del sumo pontifice. stop for open blanca ---continuan surgiendo espeluznantes detalles sobre la balacera en santa cruz donde murieron 2 agentes del orden. pitch - cesar ---esa comunidad todavia se encuentra conmocionada... take vo ---el violento enfrentamient o ocurrio a plena luz del dia , y muchos aseguran que no tiene precedentes en la tranquila ciudad costera... stop open roll open take 2 box ---jaime peluffo, en vivo desde esa ciudad nos tiene lo mas reciente...jaim e... take peluffo live cu - peluffo el frente del departamento de policia de
Feb 5, 2013 9:30am PST
friend of his as well and filipino labor leaders like larry [name?] and phillip vera cruz to hey had a aian leaders and many others from our history of struggle in the asian and pacific islanderrer community but it was a wonderful program and congratulations to the hero's program and i also p wanted to say that tomorrow another asian and pacific islander event is coming up and dean frank louis from hastings college of law has invites us to the reenactment of the major civil right case of modern europe for asian americaing were a young chinese america man was beaten to dealt by two unemployed auto workers in front of a mc donald restaurant in 1982 and this became spark how many of us became - and is so there will be a reenactment at hastings at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow and it will be really convened by dean frank lieu and many of the hastings law student and faculty as well so please join us. and i also p want to say the mayor of oakland i can't even khan and our former colleague and reverend norman were also very active in the case as was normany, my colleague and many others as well a
Feb 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
' names ] >> good afternoon miss hale. >> good afternoon and happy new year. i'm vera hale and i'm a member of the advisory council to the department of aging and adult services. and some of us became very concerned when we read that you were considering at some point eliminating age-based discounts. now we think the senior discount is very important and should be larger, but one of the things that we need to keep in mind is that if you do eliminate it, it would be a disaster for seniors. seniors, there are 155,000 seniors in san francisco. that is 19.2% of the population. and it's growing. as you know, baby-boomers are increasing. the older americans act considers people who are 60 to be seniors. and there are 44 nutrition sites in the city and about 2,000 people go everyday -- not everyday, but go to these 44 sites and most of them go on muni and sometimes they go on one, two or three buses. to start segregating people when they are not segregated at meal sites based on their income would create big problems. people have developed social relations, in a time when few social re
Feb 9, 2013 6:30pm EST
♪. >>> maría vera llegó a la feria de salud, we connect en fresnio con una sola meta, averiguar si ella y su esposo califican para el programa de medical, el rpog de california de medicaid, que bajo la reforma del presidente obama será expandido. >>> maría, qué significa para usted como familia que tal vez su esposo y usted califiquen en medical. >>> es una alegría grandísima y una gran oportunidad. >>> para el doctor moreno que fue voluntario en la feria, el cambio principal es que cambia el sistema de salud a la prevención. >>>e s más efectivo y barato para cuidar condiciones como condiciones del corazón, diabetes, obesidad, que tratarlos cuando ya la persona está enfemra >>> para enero del 2014 todo ciudadano tiene que tener un seguro el que no pueda costearlo podrá recibir un subsidio y el período para solicitarlo comienza en octubre, en la feria decenas como guadalupe arévalo pudieron ver que calificvan para la ayuda . >>> es una asistencia que por años solicitó pero que hasta ahora recibirá gracias a los cambios de medical. >>> ahora todas las personas sin importar si s
Feb 18, 2013 5:00pm EST
no quisiera vivir más. ya de veras estoy decepcionado de la vida. >> siéntese por favor. [aplausos]. >< vamos a platicar. tengo aquí en mis manos un documento del instituto de salud. ¿qué pasó aquí, con telmex? ¿usted fue ingresada? ¿ingreso al centro de salud? >> si por problemas que me da tanto mijo, por eso he ido al centro de salud, hospital general cuando me golpeó, cuando me tiró al piso mi nieto alan. >> dice alma que eso no es verdad, esta es una constancia publicó de que efectivamente la señora, debido a ese golpeo empujón o como le queramos tomar perdió el conocimiento durante 30 minutos y fue ingresada a un hospital, ahí esta el comprobante, le voy hacer entrega de su documento. es verdad que su nieto la agredió, usted demandó. >> en la misma noche fuimos a levantar el acta, yo estaba mareada, que están conmigo, ella estuvo conmigo. >> ¿porque la empujó? fíjese lo que esté preguntando, por qué una agresión que no debió haber ocurrido. >> el 29 junio, ese día hicieron ese pleito, que le fueron a tirar las cejas a mi hija. . las rejas de refresco como con ale
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm EST
de homicidio premeditado, si fue una c accidente recibiria 15 dÍas, se vera que si se concede al fia fianza, aunque sera difiÍcil >> muchas gracias, como si fuera una pelÍcula, hombres armados n entraron a la pista de despegue en el aeropuerto de bruselas y s se robaron un botin de diamantes valorados en 50 millones de d dÓlares, iban en un aviÓn de s pasajeros asaltados por 8 suj sujetos quienes forzarona per n personal del aeropuerto a abrir el compartimiento, una operacion que duro minutos. >> la duquesa de cambridge ap apareciÓ en londres luciendo su embarazso en una ivsita a un centro de rehabilitaciÓn, por e determinadas acciones, se le ve un poquito, es muy delgada, pero estaba mÁs delgada en el primer tirimestre porque tuvo naussea o cronica, el bebÉ, el primer hijo del prÍncipe william, nazca en l julio >> nosotros regresaremos a dec r decirle que obligo a un grupo de jornaleros en nueva york, al r n renovar su centro de busqueda de trabajos y mÁs detalles al re e regresar. >> maÑana la muerte de un abog d abogado estremecio a un , culp r culparon al pdresid
FOX News
Feb 28, 2013 2:00am PST
. vera gibbons is here with tips to make your money go even further. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on tnkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ oh oo this is a fox news lart. you are looking live at vatican city right now where pope benedict xvi is greeting the cardinals for the final time before he retires later today. around 5:00 p.m. eastern time today the pope will leave the
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am EST
or a wedding gown? dozens end up here every well. >> i didn't realize it was a vera wang. it wouldn't surprise me, though, because it's beautiful. >> reporter: do you need one? >> no, i don't. if i could fit into a size zero, i might buy it just to say, look, i can get into a size zero vera wang. >> reporter: janet shamlian, sko scottsboro, alabama. >>> we will finally get to say hello to our co-host of the day, steve harvey. getting a little comfortable. we'll talk to him right after this. their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actually use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ i win! what's in your wallet? rich and creamy cheese in indulgent, mouthwatering flavors you just can't resist. and at 35 tiny calories per wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughe
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
vera amos a breve pausa y se cuenta como f fue despedido por la a diva de banda. >> elvis crespo en el ojo del u huracÁn, sus coentariosmentar e siempre bienvenidaos. >> estamos en twitter leyendo u sus mensajes, gracias, ya ♪e Él asegura que nunca le gaurduÓ rencor y le regalÓ algo muy p c preciado a la familia. >> Él es daniel ramos, rarreg s arreglista de varios de los d c discos de jenny rivera, la a di de la banda le habÍa confiado sus produciones a su padre. >> siemrpre los discos de ella a habÍan sido producidos por su papÁ y una vez me llamÓ y dijo, quiero hacer algo diferente y me acuerdo que fue tajante y si me gustan, de ahÍ para adantelant. >> asÍ inicio un camino de gr grandes triunfos, un disco muy e eseciapecial para elos. >> lo nominaron al grammy, haÍaa mucha presiÓn de la disquera, o como de ella mismo hacia mÍ y a habÍan nombres que sonaban para hacerle su disco como joan sebastian, y personalidades gr grandes que querÍan hacer el s disco que ya taestaba en platc. >> por texto me despidiÓ y dije, ok, yo respeto las decidionessie cada
Feb 25, 2013 5:00pm PST
mi. de veras, lo que estoy diciendo es la verdad, no soy una mujer, tenemos que aceptar que algn dia nos vamos a morir. >>la artista naciio en ccuba, po vivio la mayor parte de su vida en meximxico, se caso una sola y enviudo a las 25 años, de ese amor quedo una hija, nunca ms o volvi a casarse >>debuto en teatro con la casa d de bernarda lalba en 2995 fue hhomenajeada en p c palacio de bellas artes por su contribucion. que descanse en paz. >>siempre sera recordada, y que descanse en paz la señora carcan montejo. >>ladrones ponen en duda su a u astucia tras cometer robo en un restaurante de califorcaliforn l llevqaronaron una caja de musmso que era un cajero automatico, camaras captaron las imagenegen. >>y ms de 50 dsetetenidos y sa d de viviendas dañadas, fue el s resultado de un enfrentamiento e en meximxico, en chiapas, los c policas intentaron desalojar a d vendedores ambulantes. >>desnudo protagonizan mujeres en una demostracion publblica i italia, mostraron sus senos, t esto contra silsilvitao belube s berlusconisuprema corteberlusc m mientrsas este ejercia su voto
Feb 27, 2013 5:00am PST
estelar en el cine, decir gran actriz, de veras que hay que decirlo con palabras mayores. >>> los restos de ella fueron expuesto en una funeraria, pidÓo no ser quemada y serÁ sepultada en el panteÓn que serÁ reservado hace a aÑos. >>> acabo el retiro temporal de eros ma eres /* eros ramazzotti. >>> tras una ausencia de 3 aÑos, eros regresa con nuevo disco y compuesto a reconquistar a su pÚblico. >>> estuve haciendo otras cosas tuve una hija y para mi lo mÁs importantes es la familia, querÍa disfrutar ese bello momento, aÚninque la mÚsica tambiÉn es importante. >>> una canciÓn favorita estÁ dedicada a rafaela. >>> tengo una canciÓn para rafaela donde ella parece que canta estaba desvelada en la noche en vez de llorar estaba cantante, de pronto un bebÉ que despierta llora, ella no tenÍa 8 meses y ya tenÍa la idea de una melodÍa en la cabeza. >>>. >>> este legal, quisiera dejar a sus hijas. >>>. >>> la importancia de la vida de conquistar las cosas de respetar al prÓjimo la naturaleza las cosas bÁsicas que valoras con el tiempo. >>> y sobre el escÁndalo que hace aÑos
Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
y consecuencias de las acciones de sus padres. y vera como su mundo se llena de sentimientos contradictorÍos cuando conoce a un joven judÍo. >>> lo que vieron con gÉnesis rodrÍguez es un pedacito de la entrevista. y esta semana la versiÓn resturada de peter pan que viene con excelente sonido y colores en blu-ray. >>> muchas gracias. y vamos a la pausa. y muchos buscan la fuente de la juventud, y la ciencia da un pase en la lucha contra el envejecimiento. >>> sacrifican animales y lanzan sus cuerpos en lugares pÚblicos. investigamos esta crueldad. estamos esperando comentarios, nuestras cuentas personales, pamela silva senador bob menendez responde preguntas de univisionsiete policias de los angeles podrian ser despedidosjoven insulta a juez y cobra notoriedad en redes sociales les habla maria elena salinas el senador democrata bob menendez converso hoy con univision y respondio preguntas sobre si ha tenido vinculos con prostitutas y si habia intercedido en favor de un doctor que esta bajo investigacion por presunto fraude al medicare.siete ayudantes del alguacil de los
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
, y también >>> estas imágenes en el 2012 fueron toda una sensación. >>> de veras no esperaba esa atención. >>> hoy sergio romo lanzador estrella de los gigantes de san francisco recuerda el día de la victoriae los gigantes de san francisco, donde usaba una camiseta que decía solo me eveo ilegal. >>> he viivdo en arizona, en phoenix, me han parado en un carro, me preguntan mi nacionalidad, si soy ciudadano. >>> eso lo motivó a vestir la camiseta. >>> esto es para motivar al a gente latian en san francisco, que no nada más a la gente normal le pasa, sino que también con al car también puede parar. e>>> el mensaje para quienes se identificaron con su gesto. >>> vivimos un poco diferente, pero tenemos el mismo orgullo, la misma pasión, tenemos las mismas cosas. >>> también se le preguntó del incidente en las vegas, donde al parecer no presentó identificación a los agentes en el aeropuerto. >>> no, las vegas no. >>> no se le presentaron cargos y romo ofreció una disculpa del incidente. >>> previa al fanfest de los gigantes el cual es en el at&t park y podrá ver a famoso
Feb 26, 2013 3:00pm PST
. and to finish it, i'll just put some of our segments that we did right on top. it's vera easy to make at home, or you can come down to marche in menlo park, and we'll make one for you. >> brought to you by allied insurance, a member of the nationwide family of companies, which so includes nationwide insurance. on your side. from farm to feast--stay tuned for more of the tempting tastes of california. >> like the show? you'll love "california country" the magazine, which delivers the best stories from throughout the golden state. visit for more information. >> literally farm to table. literally, it's, like, from the garden. it's from the dirt. i mean, they come straight from that place. when you make that connection with the farmer, with the growers, it makes for a different feeling when you're cooking. bor me, now things taste different. >> welcome back to "california country." >> this year is phenomenal. everybody wants to grow their own vegetables. people who've never even seen a tomato plant walk in looking to grow a tomato. >> this family-run farm is tucked away in t
Feb 14, 2013 4:30pm PST
balanced way to create this subtle but very intricate story. >> reporter: she joins vera wang, who also designs a line at david's. the company's c.e.o., bob huth, says designer partnerships are key to growth. >> the more we are differentiated from a brand perspective and a design perspective-- we have something that says "i want that, i want him, or i want her"-- you win. >> reporter: the chain has come a long way since 1950, when davireisrg started a bridal boutique in fort lauderdale selling closeouts. now, david's is by far the nation's largest bridal chain with over 300 stores. one out of every three u.s. brides walks down the aisle in a david's gown. dresses start at just $99. today, all the gowns sold at david's are exclusive designs, and most are bought off the rack. >> most women prefer to do that. they don't want to order something and say "i hope it fits," particularly if you order something at most places and it takes four to six months to get it. >> reporter: david's bridal is headarterein conshohawken, pennsylvania, in a former mill that dates back to 1874. although bridal
Feb 26, 2013 4:30pm PST
, or at least onef the best-- about 2% vera inflation. so we have worked on both sides of the mandate, and we're trying to achieve a stronger economy for everybody. >> reporter: and for now, at least, markets believe bernanke can keep his inflation-fighting streak alive. >> that is something that is worth pointing out to the critics that say the fed is creating all sorts of inflation pressures. for the moment, there is no evidence of that. he was in very firm territory in making that point. >> reporter: bernanke was firm in making another point. he called on congress and the president to replace the iedia sequester spendg cuts with a more gradual reduction in the deficit. but it doesn't appear anyone in washington is ready to take his advice. darren gersh, nbr, washington. >> tom: michael farr is the president of wealth management firm farr, miller and washington. he joins us from washington, d.c. >> tom: lots going on in that building behind you, michael. great to have you back. but more bond buying. do you support that? does the economy still need it? >> the economy probably still needs som
Feb 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
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